Flight Analysis for Pilots and Training Centers

Click & Take off records your flights and provides you with detailed analysis.

Who are we?

We are a team of passionate pilots who aim to provide a solution for pilots to keep track of their flight history, relive and analyze their flights, and share them with others. Click & Take off is not a new pilot aid tool, but a post-flight educational analysis solution.

Aerodromes referenced
landings analyzed

If you are a pilot

Discover the solution.

For Training Centers

Simplify management and be alerted in case of abnormal events

Flight Time

Automatically collect flight duration. No room for errors!

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Hard Landing or Crash

Be alerted in case of events that could damage the aircraft


To supervise solo flights or follow a particular aircraft

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By pilot or for all pilots. Organize challenges.

If you are a club or training center

Discover the solution

Why Choose Us?


Understand piloting to progress


All flight parameters with tracks


Detection of piloting anomalies


Automatic collection of duration

Customer Testimonials

"Thanks to Click & Take off, pilots can analyze flight paths in detail and adjust them to minimize impact on local residents."
Les Ailerons - Enghien Moisselles
"As a new pilot, Click & Take off allows me to review my flights, analyze them, and establish statistics to progress better."
François F.
"A true educational platform that allows student pilots and their instructors to review flights and analyze different flight phases."
Aéro Club du Grand Lyon

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© 2024 All Rights Reserved.